Shit Happens

Shit happens.

Seriously, shit fucking happens.

This is not wisdom. This is a cliché.

It was a cliché when cave bears were mauling cave men.

It was a cliché when the Romans were nailing all and assorted to wooden crosses.

It was a cliché when they gave the Nobel Prize for DNA structure to two charming men instead of the ‘anti-social’ woman who discovered it.

It was a cliché when your parents were ‘just making out a little’ and you were born some nine months later.

Shit. It happens. To all of us.

Stop wearing shit that happened to you as a badge of suffering. Deal with it like the rest of us.

And please don’t spend a lifetime trying to process the shit. Put shit in a processor and you will still end up with shit.

But only shit with a different consistency.



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